English health blog to make money operation tutorial

Whether it is to do the

PPC class advertising to make money, such as Adsense, Adbite, Bidvertiser, or CPA, the CPL class to guide the registration and even CPS sales commission, we are very clear: English health class

flow more valuable!

since the flow of English health class is valuable, it is worth us to study and operate today Tuixy to introduce the blog to make money is the case of the use of English health blog to make money to operate the tutorial!

first step: select the domain name, space

this step I personally think that do not need to say more, almost all of the network will make money to write tutorials. I’ll probably say a few caveats, the domain name is the best choice with keywords, if the domain name does not have the right to choose the best combination of keywords, is placed in front of the domain name space; since it is done English station it is certainly choose foreign space than is appropriate, the reference to the United States space guide.

second step: blog build

I recommend the use of WordPress, that is, we often say that the WP, the operation is simple and easy to use, the key is to facilitate the expansion of a lot of features, of course, you can use free blog operation, compared to Blogger. The benefits of a free blog are no need to invest, the drawbacks are easily perceived as spam off.

third step: content creation

English health blog that is sure to have a relationship with the health and the need for English articles.

Original: you can write their own, the original article is more popular is certainly, of course, this requires a very thick English skills;

: you can rewrite the existing articles rewrite, the easiest way is to search a topic, then the comprehensive innovation, indeed there are a lot of rewriting than the original good, because it belongs to the "improved";

collection: you can collect, this method is good, simple and quick, but the effect is relatively almost.

resources: in fact, in addition to the 3 basic methods above, you can also find a lot about the creation of content resources, the most simple is that many advertisers directly provide the content to you, of course, advice or rewriting; there are such Amazon on the customer evaluation, Yahoo answer on a question answer, oh, as long as you carefully collected, you will find the super


fourth step: publicity, promotion

said that we consider is how to engage in the natural flow is free traffic, mainly by SEO, direct promotion bring traffic to a blog, of course, if you have the money directly from Adwords target flow can also, of course that would not be in such trouble, direct LP page more simple. Although SEO has been my short term, but I think as long as

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