Some suggestions on the selection of student entrepreneurship is cornered Entrepreneurship

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recently and several friends in Starbucks chat is the most mentioned recently young people entrepreneurial boom, the current students employment rate over the years, many students can not find work, so there are more college graduates after graduation, selected the creative industry. For example, a small Taobao store, or only a few people like Internet companies, the Internet industry has become a hotbed of entrepreneurs, these young people are full of enthusiasm to join this seemingly glamorous IT industry, dream of ten years later became a Ma, Ma Huateng, Robin Li or is Zhou Hongyi. But when they really start will really realize, just as a young man came out from the University, and a little light technology and a few like-minded friends is not enough. Take my personal experience, I do not agree with the students to start a business, no matter how high your qualifications, whether you are a master or a doctor, these are only to prove the level of your professional skills. And you haven’t gone through the baptism of the social university mind is not very mature, these things are always in the school books.

is one of my friends who is a legal consultant. He was a lawyer before he started his own business. In a lawsuit because of serious mistakes are on the other side of lawyers to seize the handle, the lawyer’s license was revoked. A lawyer who has been revoked is equivalent to being deprived of his job and losing his financial resources. In the face of such a predicament he cornered chose entrepreneurship, opened a legal consulting website, using his contacts in the industry for enterprises to find suitable its own legal counsel. Now he was talking about his entrepreneurial experience or fear, if there was any way to go he would not choose to start their own business, but fortunately he finally succeeded. Yes, people are forced out, like "China" among the partners like Cheng Dongqing, if the school does not dismiss him then he will do a lifetime of teacher in the University, and will not become the "godfather of students". Young people do not have such pressure would not have so much power, coupled with the lack of experience and contacts on the Internet is likely to lead to failure. And there is a dream and a cavity of blood are often accept impulse punishment, of course, passion is not a bad thing, but before you understand the reality you have to learn to control their hormones.

although I don’t agree with the student graduates entrepreneurship, but also have young has been very successful entrepreneurs, like Facebook founder Mark · a representative figure of Zuckerberg is one of the many young entrepreneurs have dubbed him even as he is. But I want to say is an entrepreneur’s success can not be copied, because every entrepreneur itself and the environment is different, a successful law on the same body may be others is not established. Failure to follow the path of others’ success is likely to be failure in front of you

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