With the ringing of the Grand Alliance Sina advertising

Sina search "ask" the day before "ringing calls paid advertising advertising revenue. Following the personal blog, ringing and search advertising into a platform alliance.

"ringing call advertising" is the extension of a precise advertising model of interactive development, free display and free click, only received a valid customer advisory telephone charge for advertising costs, and take the advertising revenue sharing model and cooperative media promotion. Since the launch of this year, advertising has been ringing with many of the media set up into partnership, which includes the "Beijing daily", "JINGWAH times" and other print media, TV shopping program, personal blog and search channel.

research institutions that, along with the network advertising "has formed the situation of heroes in a troubled time Quartet", Google, Baidu two search advertising alliance dominating pattern has been broken, the Internet advertising model is dominated by clicking and pay according to the flow of traditional Internet portal advertising, gradually turning to the pay per click advertising.

data show that since the launch of the new extension of interactive advertising business, the trigger rate has been more than 3 months ago increased by 15%, enhance the click rate is close to 10%, the media alliance daily traffic has more than 500 million times, more than 2000 websites and the extension of cooperation, 163, QQ, MSN, and other domestic top 500 china.com the website of nearly 200 media alliance members become extension.

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