Personal video station big money

      some people say that China’s video station is about to enter the winter, it was said that China’s video station is about to undergo a large-scale reshuffle. Perhaps, for the company to do, delivered in the form of costly burn video station, this is indeed the case. However, for individuals to do the form of money to make money to make a video station, it may be another day.

      personal stand to do video station to make money, there are roughly four reasons:

        first, the bandwidth cost is lower than the movie station. In terms of individual stations, movies, video stations may be the largest number, but also the most profitable. Like the well-known free movie station BNB88, the annual revenue of more than one million. Personal video stations, movie stations to make money roughly the same pattern, but because the average video is much shorter than the film, even if the video station and the same station bandwidth, can attract visitors will be much more.

        second. Personal video station, more flexible than the company to do. When the benefits can be good enough to let go, bad, even if the station is turned off, it will not be like the company to do the video station so embarrassing.

        third, more easily on the content, do hot flow. Youku Zhang Yu became a hit, to the majority of the video station promotion provides a clue: only to create hot spots, not afraid of the site does not sell out. Personal video station may not receive Zhang Yu as the big one, but don’t worry, be willing to use their brains, spend money to mobilize grassroots netizens enthusiasm and passion in life there are still too many hot spots could be manufactured and chaozuo.

        fourth, advertising revenue is more diverse. Worry about personal video station can not find advertising? Those companies are not afraid to do video stations, what are you afraid of! Click on the ads, SMS registration, monthly traffic, advertising spots and so on can do, as long as the flow up, afraid not to earn money.

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