How do you prepare for your trip to Taobao

many friends of Taobao are not unfamiliar? From 2 years ago to 7.8 of the rash and too much in haste, he found hundreds of large area blocked, along the way along, but still alive. Today is the reason I write this article is because I do Taobao guest only a month’s time, some of them feel and want to share with you.

why do Taobao guest?

wants to be free, enjoy a career of his own, and want to get to know a group of like-minded friends. Of course, money is also essential. I think most of my friends and I have the same idea, just hit the big Taobao strategy launch, the opportunity to come not to sell, it is not right.

how to do Taobao guest?


do stand in the study of a large number of guest website, about the following:

site navigation category: that is, Wang Pu, crown recommended types of sites. This site is a pile of Web site to do a simple navigation page, but it seems that the effect can be, also see online, some users say, not practical, because this kind of website is too much, the pure play SEO is not tired, too much competition.

thematic website: that is, some weight loss products or men’s products. This website product revenue is good, the Commission is also high, the first half of a product, can also have a good income, but for the conscience of the challenge is still there, after all, these products are playing the edge ball, some things do not have what effect to the site of the user, in the heart is still a little sorry (purely personal feeling), and some pharmaceutical products are easy to be he found the degreeses ban, website and domain name value is difficult to accumulate.

there are no station: basic is the Tao guest mail, chat tools group, forum posts links to similar means do guest, catch a comparison, time consuming and energy, do one day one day tomorrow, how to.

Some of the information obtained above the

, although the goal is not very clear, but it seems to be a guest vacancy can try, that is the content of station, find a suitable comprehensive subject content information service station, is not there will be a chance to avoid some of the drawbacks mentioned above to be? After all, if you want to reach your goals, you must have a plan and direction.

so I started….. Ing

here is after, I do stand I have little talent and less learning, what’s wrong with that, just Bozhuan

what kind of station do you want to do?

station: benefits the content is king is the root of the website, to start the far run quickly to thick foundation; bad, content needs to be original, time pressure.

What is the theme of the


set small is not conducive to the internal capacity and build partners to join; build a big no characteristics, who can remember you, did not return >

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