A startup’s view of patents


last week we had invited to innovative workshops before the legal officer, the United States Department of Silicon Valley law law firm partner Qiu Bochun shared his views on the entrepreneurial company patent, we look at this problem from the point of view of corporate entrepreneurship. "Love" is a focus on creating mobile internet dating platform startups, began to apply for a patent in the product development process, since May 2011 submitted a total of 7 applications have been approved, 2. Let’s take a look at its founder Shi Qingnian is how to look at the patent application of start-up companies.

in fact, the Internet industry company to apply for a patent There are both advantages and disadvantages. Where is the answer to the patent? At first, it belongs to a commercial means. In addition to technology, there are many other uses. For example, you can have through the product or the company’s patents to enhance the image, can apply to the bank mortgage patent to obtain loans, can use patents to enhance the company’s intangible assets, even through the patent to limit the competitors to their products some premium space.

we’ve been a peer overseas malicious prosecution, the reason is love marriage to use their patent (we do not COPY their products, but they strayed into patent minefield). They sued a paper petition to the apple AppStore requirements for our application to the next frame. But after we analyzed, we found that the other side also used a patent we applied for a patent on micro-blog friends, so we immediately on the other side of the patent infringement prosecution back. Our intention is not to punish each other, just to protect themselves. The other one is removed the lawsuit.

but in addition to being able to bring benefits, the patent may also bring some drawbacks. The most basic features of the patent in addition to exclusive, there are "open", that is to say, the patent should be open to the public". In China, due to the serious situation of plagiarism, the Internet is not a thorough protection of patents, it is easy to directly lead to leakage. In addition, in the Internet project, a lot of patented algorithms are window paper. As long as you open, it is easy to refer to competitors.

so there is no way to avoid such leak risk? We have two lessons: 1 according to Apple’s approach, not directly with the name of the company to apply for a patent, but with the name of subsidiary companies or individuals to apply for. This is not easy to be competitors to retrieve, it is not easy to be eyeing opponents. 2 in writing a patent, pay attention to the technical terminology, try not to leak the core algorithm and implementation model. In general, a good description of the algorithm framework is enough, so that it will not affect the patent application, but also allow opponents to copy the door.

then the specific operation process of patent application is? Many entrepreneurs may think the patent copy profound, must ask the special counsel, was intimidated by the huge cost. But our experience tells you that it is not difficult to write and apply patent documents. >

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