Google Adsense revenue experience and skills summary

today Adsense show the number of breakthrough 10 thousand, revenue of 15 knives, combined with their own experience to sum up some of the experience of doing some of the AdSense and skills for your friends to share the reference. Go ahead and show a new record of the number of times that you showed yesterday.


my income in English station of this line is generally right, a little better than just the door, than to one hundred thousand in veterans. The reason also drying out, increase the credibility of it, you can also refer to as a reference.

1 do stand Adsense choose an industry and the right keywords is very important

are mainly in English speaking, of course, the Chinese station can also refer to. A lot of people do every day in the Adsense League chasing high keywords run, every day hold Adwords of Google keyword tool on the investigation, the website is not good, traffic is not up, but a lot of keyword stuffing, this is not necessary. This is the key words to see too much of the reason for the price, in fact, we need a rational look at the high price of high key words, but certainly less traffic, click rate is not necessarily high, perhaps a lot of competitive pressure. So my opinion is rational choice, in the rational pursuit of high key words at the same time, consider their own personal interests, existing resources and capabilities, and then choose the right keywords to do.

Adsense keyword selection recommendations: industry price is important, taking into account the interests and abilities of individuals, pay attention to the flow of the development potential of the keyword

2 to do Adsense to increase the flow of the site’s basic way: original content


website is in advocate the original, I also. And as the basic principle and the most important principle. Original content can be found in the search engine steady flow. As I summed up before Google SEO official training ten points to say, Google has been attached to the original content, and to increase the acquisition of the content of the fight, the importance of independent personal blog, etc.. All highlight Google’s original attention. Adsense is a CPC alliance, click billing, no traffic is not on, maybe a collection can bring traffic, but not the best.

3 through a variety of ways to improve website traffic, increase the number of Adsense display

A. long tail keywords.

original content is the basic source of traffic, but the long tail keyword is another huge source of traffic. How to build the long tail keywords, not in the web page to fill in a variety of long tail keywords, but to add a lot of web pages and pages naturally generated.

here, for example, such as my main station to do is Chinese song and Chinese music, such as the main keywords, in fact, every day through these two keywords search

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