Secret Chinese entrepreneurs in Dubai from working to earn 1 million 700 thousand yuan

lead: when Mr Wu came to Dubai, to do service in the hotel pool, responsible for water supply field, the main job is to carry tea for the guest rest on the side of the pool, 2500 dirhams per month (about 4000 yuan), he later resigned in Dragon (DragonMarket) rented a 10 square meters of small shops do a little business, a year can earn 1 million di Rahm, equivalent to 1 million 600 thousand ~170 million yuan.

has been outside the impression of Dubai is a typical "tall" nouveau riche Emirates, here life is either the wealthy, or is the nouveau riche talented senior white-collar workers, but when you set foot on this land, you will find that this is a full of vigour, full of "atypical opportunities in emerging markets", for all walks of life here, entrepreneurship.


called the "atypical" refers to Dubai has the world’s top basic facilities of various other emerging market countries and regions do not have, such as the world’s highest Harry Khalifa, full of luxury shopping malls in Dubai, hundreds of thousands of dollars per night and the Lugger Hotel, Amani Residence Hotel, the hotel The Palm islands. Where the highway quality and road car brand may be rare in developed countries; but why still regard Dubai as an "emerging market", because this business opportunity is basically similar to the last century in 90s Chinese. Dubai is like a "big site", an edifice still to rise; in addition, the average educational level is still relatively low, the University popularity rate is much less than developed countries.

"First Financial Daily" reporter during his stay in Dubai, visited a number of people living here, work, almost everyone can become an inspirational story of the protagonist.

start empty-handed

Mr. Wu graduated in 2008, because of the domestic economic slowdown was encountered, as a Japanese professional graduates, work hard. At that time, coincidentally, Dubai Jun Yue Hotel recruitment in China, this opportunity will be linked with the fate of Dubai.


first came to Dubai, I just do the waiter in the hotel. I am responsible for the pool field at that time, the main task is to send water to guests tea and rest in the pool, 2500 dirhams per month (about 4000 yuan) basic salary, plus tips and the hotel’s welfare subsidies, month income in 5000 dirhams, hotel Baochibaozhu, and this is the basic public health. Not what extra spending, despite a very comfortable life, health services, but compared to the domestic white-collar students have much more comfortable." Mr. Wu told reporters.


is not satisfied with such remuneration and treatment. After half a year, he resigned from the hotel, the manager and the manager has done in two Chinese shops, but this time he saw a huge opportunity Chinese market in Dubai, once again after the resignation in the city.

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