Wangzhuan preferred adverbux registration detailed Alliance

, company profile:

each click is 0.5-1.5 cents a day, there are more than one click, just started the new station, to join the fast! 50% return. Super recommended!

two, payment method:

$5.00 (AP) (apply Alertpay into this)

three, offline Commission: 100%

four, how to register:

1, registered address: click this registration

, the first 2 points at the top of the page Register to open the registration page, fill in the form:


3, without activation, can be directly landed

five, how to make money:

a > click to make money

point Login, enter your email address and password, click the Login button below the landing


click View Ads (focus on money): Click to see the following interface:


in accordance with the above tips, we only need to click the line advertising English letter, every point, will pop up a countdown page when the countdown completed DONE $icon, we can close this page to click on advertisements. Click on the ads will appear a line, said to have expired, this design is very human

six, other buttons:

1, Your Stats: you can view the offline connection, recommended referrals, income and other



to view your offline status:



2, other button information:


How to apply:


when you reach the minimum payment of $$5.00, click Cash Out, you can enter the payment page, make sure that your PP address is correct, apply for payment. General 72 hours can receive payment.

eight, return


station has been repeatedly collection, did not apply for a rebate of a friend to the station for the rebate, write clear station name adverbux, username, Alipay or PP account, send rebate rebate special mailbox [email protected] without you do pay.

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