The importance of recognizing the Wangzhuan novice sugar coated bullet

Grandpa Mao once said:

may have some Communists, they had not been conquered by enemies with guns, they are worthy of the title of the hero in these enemies; but not people with sugar coated bullets, they be defeated in front of sugar coated bullet. In fact, we have to cast someone else’s will in the process of Wangzhuan sugar coated bullet, we must guard against such a situation. When the word first appeared Wangzhuan is already in a temptation to invite people with Wangzhuan, on the network will increase the sugar coated bullet. In Wangzhuan beginning, many people are eager to join the ranks, but with the passage of time many people have brought Wangzhuan because sugar coated bullet attack sugar coated bullet, finally got out of this industry. So, for the beginner should recognize the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan refused to learn how to bring the sugar coated bullet, the temptation will be better in the end wangzhuan. We can from the following several aspects to introduce specific Wangzhuan sugar coated bullet.

first of all, we should go to find a correct Wangzhuan direction. What is the direction of formal Wangzhuan? Of course it is a regular website, and then began to SEO optimization and content update and add to attract loyal customers in order to achieve the purpose of. Although the process is long, perhaps you will take years to pay, but as long as you are willing to sink in the heart at ease to learn, you will succeed in wangzhuan. And we have a lot of people at the outset just stared at how much money, perhaps at the time we can earn a lot of money, but the sky will not fall, as the cause of your harvest will be less and less. This is why far sighted people can succeed, but short-sighted people only showed vivre will soon disappear cop-out.

second, we will know that the people in the network, because we contact each other through the network have not seen and I don’t know how to be each other’s character, we must see your contacts, do not rely on others for your guidance. Perhaps the other side of the sweet words hidden behind a dagger!

again, as a higher novice, we do not set your goals too high. The network has a lot of day to earn one hundred dollars or even thousands of projects, and the project is relatively simple, and there are a lot of people swarmed to do, it would be empty. So when we start Wangzhuan childhood is very good hand Wangzhuan goals can be, for example, from the day to earn 5 yuan, 10 yuan start. Don’t be drawn out of temptation, in accordance with the specified target you do, you will slowly find the joy of success, as you continue to process your goals can be more and more high, maybe one day you will become a master or higher.

finally, I want to present some beginner warned: we believe we can bring benefits to people, but don’t crush Wangzhuan can make us rich overnight. The >

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