Six ways to make your team back don’t believe in fate

everyone likes to listen to the success of the entrepreneurial story: difficult start, the product is popular, the successful financing, embarked on the pinnacle of life…… Not every story has a perfect ending, and in order to avoid the tragedy, especially entrepreneurs in the Internet industry entrepreneurs, have not only courage, foresight, more important is to learn to deal with the crisis.

U.S. financial magazine Entrepreneur pointed out that entrepreneurship is a gamble, but also to face the difficulties in the team, which requires the entrepreneur’s emotional intelligence. Specifically, there are several ways to get your team out of the haze as quickly as possible.

understand your stress patterns

when people face a series of crises, there will be a set of default stress response. For example, some people will be forced to escape the pressure, some people work hard, some people continue to blame themselves, some people blame others…… It’s important for you to know your stress patterns in order to make the next step in your waking state.

understand the difficulties happened, see the essence through the phenomenon of

maybe you know all the problems of the team, for example, recently recruited a few people, talking about several contracts collapsed. However, these are not the main reasons for your bottleneck period. As a marriage, a small problem small enough to make families fall apart, but the long-term accumulation of small problems can also lead to building collapse. Therefore, the team’s decision makers should see the long-term problem.

bottlenecks come and take decisive action

if clear decay building a nest, must not mean action. If you can’t hire more employees, so will the extra people clean up; if your income is from a customer service to customers, then do not choosy. But we have to seize the opportune moment to find you interested customers and project.

don’t believe in fatalism


fatalism theory is, "it’s always like this, you can’t escape." This is an easy way to despair and no action. Keep an eye on where you can change and challenge, and you won’t be the victim of fatalism.

rejects more debt

has been a bottleneck, funds may be problems, you can not continue to rob Peter to pay Paul. Refusing to buy debt includes not buying new equipment, adding work space, hiring contractors, etc..

these decisions are tough, but as an entrepreneurial team, it is better to save, nor to allow the development of the debt problem. In addition, it is necessary to have an emergency account, so as not to encounter really difficult to avoid spending.

back to the original vision

when you start a business, there may be a relatively focused vision of what you want to be and what you want to solve. Each entrepreneurial team will have a hard hit

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