Xiao Xunke Wangzhuan is network money or network business

now, more and more people into the higher the industry, so in recent years, Wangzhuan training was very popular, but also to some Master have higher experience who make a hard. But the fact is now in training, Wangzhuan many people, but the real people who earn money through Wangzhuan training is less and less.

why is there such a strange phenomenon? In fact, this is not accurate positioning with their relationship.


in the higher one, can be divided into two types, one is that the network to earn money, earn extra money in addition to their work, the Wangzhuan purely as a part-time; another person, is completely give up his job, he moved to the network business. These two kinds of people almost follow the 28 principles, part-time accounted for 80%. But the actual effect is accounted for 20% of the entrepreneurial Wangzhuan the successful operation of the project of the higher than 80% people accounted for part-time Wangzhuan much more. Why? In fact, it is easy to understand, you can use a classic story to summarize, is the dog chasing a rabbit story, why dogs can’t catch rabbits? Because the rabbit is to escape, in order to survive, while the dog is perhaps to entertainment. And if the dog into a wolf, then the effect is certainly much better, because the wolf is to survive, only to chase the rabbit, the wolf will do everything possible to eat the rabbit. So we do Wangzhuan too, to devote myself, even now can not completely give up work to start, but also to yourself as an entrepreneurial wolf, always think this is worth my effort, I will do anything to do it! As long as we have from the dog into the wolf’s sense of sublimation and the behavior, then will worry Wangzhuan can’t earn money


why do Wangzhuan popular words, is not the only project, no execution of the people, a person without execution, others will earn million project to him, nor do success! Here to give you Xunke Xiao corrects, not to say that there is the execution can be done all! Network in fact and the reality is the same, every industry has a very elite, who can make money. We specialize in, in the choice of project, should choose from their own conditions, environment and expertise, so as to maximize their advantages in this project to do what, do a few before, so to make money is to go with the flow. It also confirms why Wangzhuan training, there are a lot of people can’t earn money, it is because of the training project, not necessarily for you! Have a buddy to share a few projects in our group, is to play from his familiar territory, this guy before the real estate aspects of the work, he you know what is the real estate industry needs, he used to sell the house to the needs of the people, they made a very want a software (just the interface) for induction, CPA registered to do in this way, it is easy to make money.

Of course, the so-called

, if a person willing to work hard the slow need to start early., in an unfamiliar areas, do more than others.

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