Amoy Amoy website has three lives because of the undead

when Baidu to have a link to erase most of the Amoy, Amoy webmaster to sit still, have been bad mouthing, the mood is understandable, but the feelings for the future is qualitative, arbitrary.

some people say that now should look back, do SP, advertising alliance, do download, do image stand, want to do before the GG advertising alliance, there are days into the $500 legend, why the recent Baidu gas. But in fact, everyone knows that, and a year less than in the past, like a year. In either mode, it is a kind of mode that is collected with the keyword search engine optimization, cheat, cheat users, " " live today days, but may be hard busy for a whole year, 8 o’clock this morning Baidu put you k light. Because you can not escape the fate of ovine " ". Well, now they repeat the Amoy family of old days, like ants, and kept in the collection, stop SEO, stop by K. The SEO of deification to heaven, you have to be honest. Please do not be obsessed with SEOER brother, brother is only a legend! So now Taobao guest specific is how?

guest website of the strange situation

Why does the

life grow up because he has a DNA – enabled cell replication function. Now the Taobao website of the ecological environment is like a life body, and unlimited replication station is attached to the body of the tumor cells, we can not say that the Tao site does not belong to this life, but that this endless self replication has lost the rising value. The benign evolution of cells makes sense, simple replication will only think of water hyacinth in the sea, triggering a wave of red tide.

but more sad is similar to most of the Tao guest website not only, and even the content is exactly the same! This is the Taobao API interface program (the trouble made a detailed description of API interface, please go to my blog to see). The search engine is the most hated acquisition, however API calls and acquisition (the thief program can realize acquisition) is brothers. So the data used to adjust the natural exactly the same. No, not updated site, want to have good rankings, naturally think of the SEO keyword ranking. Unfortunately, an inattentive, and fell into the legend of SEOER brothers. Really like a webmaster to describe, for Baidu, so many of the same station, which one I included?.

Tao die, because Taobao customers have three lives, of which three


first, there has been a guest basis. Taobao is, " ", is a guest;; value for the long-term development of, Taobao does not fall, why rush to kill it amoy. Now the China, electronic business is like a raging fire, just unfolding, consumption of animal, if online transactions are convenient and safe, Why not?? is electronic business set >

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