Error free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice

"Free" is the main Wangzhuan mail, click ads, web search, investigation and surfing websites or companies.

money for him, do not spend money can have a tiny bit, silver dollars, pounds, earn money, dream will laugh……. The entry of new friends?

is not really a free lunch?

network mail, click ads, web search, investigation and surfing websites or companies are manipulating the advertisers advertising project:

1, advertisers to plan a good advertising project approved by the advertisers approved, you can advertise on the network;

Wangzhuan participants like the TV audience, with your participation, will make the network advertisers advertising to operate on the network, the more people participate in, click rate is high, the advertising effect theory (remember – theory rather than actually);

2, in the above premise, advertisers will be able to get from the advertisers to plan the advertising costs:


a: advertisers benefit is not guaranteed;

b: advertisers are not satisfied with the actual benefits of advertising;

c: in the number of Wangzhuan beyond the basic budget of the original advertisers too much, according to the provisions of point remuneration payable totaling more than advertisers to advertisers receivables;

e: advertisers cancel advertising plans, etc.;

3, now do you still think this kind of free registration, free to participate in the Wangzhuan is enjoying a free lunch?For example: after

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