Summary of the major enterprises entrepreneurial journey

Sohu – Zhang Zhaoyang

the fox is not simple. With Po in one place, graduated from the Physics Department of Tsinghua University. In late 93, he received his PhD from mit. 95 years affected by the heat of the Silicon Valley, optimistic about the prospects for the Internet, immediately contact ISI, the idea is to use Internet to collect and publish China’s economic information for the Chinese people in the United States or interested in Chinese people. ISI then president and Zhang Zhaoyang’s ideas are similar, the two hit it off, and then raised $1 million, 95 years to return to ISI in Chinese chief representative to enter the IT industry, but he seems like more like members of underground rock band. February 1998, the Chinese Web search engine – Sohu was born. In March, Intel and another company to invest $2 million 100 thousand, Zhang Zhaoyang’s career began on the upgrade, in September of the same year, the Sohu Shanghai branch was established in September 1999 in Guangzhou branch company, listed on the NASDAQ in 2000. March 2001, Sohu shares fell below $1, the media and individual sites questioned a piece of. According to Zhang Zhaoyang’s own view, he was 30% energy to deal with the board of directors, the energy of the media to deal with the 40%, only the other 30% energy on the product. In the extremely difficult situation, carrying out brand management, keep the Sohu on the surface of the scenery, the Sohu can produce continuous sound. 2001 to 2004, Zhang Zhaoyang claimed to use the Chinese way to adjust the serious problem of Sohu, has been developed to the best state.

Sina – Wang Zhidong (current president:)

Wang Zhidong, Dongguan, graduated from the Department of radio electronics, Peking University, in 1989, entered the Beijing University Founder group engaged in professional development. June, independently developed the first practical Window3.0, was selected as one of the seven major achievements of Peking University founder. In April 1992, students and founded New World Electronic Information Technology Research Institute; in December 1993, four group of 5 million Hong Kong dollars invested four, information technology limited, general manager; December 1998, four online completed a merger with U.S. SinaNet, create Since the long serving four Tongli Fang and president and CEO, and led the to become the world’s largest Chinese portal website, and in 2000 successfully listed on NASDAQ. In May 2005, sina will be handed over to the former Sina chief financial officer of the Cao Guowei.

Name: Ding Lei Nationality: Han gender: male

date of birth: October 10, 1971

Constellation: Libra zodiac: pig

origin: Zhejiang Ningbo home address: unknown

phone number: you guess criminal record: no

graduated from Chengdu University of Electronic Science and technology of China

duties: NetEase founder and C>

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