The world’s first super aff Amit Mehta self introduction

before the translation of this article: first, in the morning to open the network home, found 13 new messages, thank you brothers, thank you boss. Because in learning foreign Wangzhuan, think I read a lot of English information, why not translate it, because it is easy, it is good to let others benefit, Why not?


second, the basic knowledge of CB is translated, hope it can help many beginners, there are people with my QQ, or ask, what is CB, how to make money… I hope the novice can see the five translation articles, although do not know how to ask after all the translation and the original thread (the meaning of the expression is different from the mean, narrow the gap between the translation and the original translation is always the goal) but I believe that these 5 new questions were enough to solve. (as an aside, many people sometimes understand but can’t understand, to obtain some useful information, I have already said, never mind, I know the way to make money even tell you, despite the poor earn. Open, fair and transparent competition better

finally, Google look at the word supper aff, the headline is superaffliatemindset, so that the translation of this person’s information. AmitMehta had heard, famous foreign Wangzhuan figures. Attached is his two photo.

then translate the self introduction section of his website:

in 2005 when I was a graduate student if I started, obsessed with the Internet economy, and I have read every book on the internet. I have a passion and inspiration to create a network of business. I found that a good way to create a network business is to create a website and then promote aff products. So I began to study and read a lot of books on the subject, to do my best to absorb knowledge (this is March 05).

I haven’t had much success in a few months, but I’m determined! Why? You see, I hate my job, even though it’s in a prestigious government laboratory. I want to escape from that place, I want to live a life style, like a lot of network expert about way of life.

05 years in September, I stumbled upon GG ADW and PPC marketing. I began to devour e-books, especially PPC aff marketing. In four months I was able to expand my online business, earning $10000 in December of that year. In 06, in June, I resigned, and gave up the work of $90000 a year, into the holy land of survival, no longer work. Soon in April 07, I set up a few companies, around the aff in this field, my profit is now a monthly knife of 90000 and is still growing rapidly.

about the world’s performance marketing company PMW (the author of the company), which is a aff marketing company, the goal is to AFF marketing advertising system for the creation and

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