Taobao guest game marketing focus user attention conversion rate is higher

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online shopping network user confusion? Online merchandise too much, dazzling, and even some users in the Taobao site selected for a day, also did not make the final decision, and usually busy dizzy. Online shopping convenience, but also consume a large number of Internet users in time and energy, without the guidance of online shopping, it is easy to fall into the online shopping users is inextricably bogged down in, more willpower, more easily or businessmen to take the user’s psychological, the best way is to allow users to improve attention, remember yourself. Game marketing has gradually become a new trend of network marketing, but also let the user decide the dilemma not indulge in price and quality, purchase intentions reached


online shopping can not always be determined where the reasons are: first, the price is another commodity quality. Buy high quality goods with low price, this is the best online shopping every user’s wishes, and in fact, the same kind of commodity price difference is too big difference, from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars or even million into a few grades, let a person very much puzzled, tangled in the price, enough to let the user online shopping they hesitate for a long time. Then the quality of the product, a penny or the hidden Maoni, is also one of the same type of goods, the price difference of tens of dollars or even hundreds of yuan, online shopping users one click to view, see the purchase experience, see the baby, see dizziness splitting……

simply shopping for shopping purposes, and ultimately make a good decision, after the purchase, there will be a lot of people are not satisfied with the place. Because of a bad review by the seller to send "shroud", a malicious buyers encounter "shroud" incident to the merchant such a revelation: why online shopping after the success of enemies, even use unscrupulous divisive tactics to break the moral bottom line to make such impulse…… The buyer is the "occupation bad teacher too, if there can be an effective communication before shopping, but also with the service, is not impeccable, bad events rarely occur. From the very beginning of the pleasure of shopping, like playing games, not only to get the pleasure of shopping, as well as the emotional factors of mutual trust in each other, the turnover rate and the rate of return to upgrade.

game marketing make people happy, improve the user’s attention, which is a decisive role in the purchase decision. Taobao customers do marketing and marketing tools is still the core of attention, this attention marketing sometimes unconscious. Taobao customer attention marketing is divided into two parts, one part is the Taobao customer itself in the promotion of the selection of goods, devoting himself: is the best selling Taobao, quality assurance, and users have a strong demand…… In another part of the user, to meet the user’s habits Paibingbuzhen, SEO optimization, various means of promotion, is to allow users to see to their search. Two kinds of means effectively together, providing users with a fine, Taobao billion products, Taobao finally eliminated some cleaning first customer of the pure product quality, allowing users to narrow the search, of course, do more professional, the feedback information of users more accurate, more convincing. < >

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