Behind the hacker spirit

EST on the morning of July 6th, "the global hacking contest on stage. According to the competition rules, the competition is the goal of the 6000 invasion site and smear "in 6 hours, a test of who can accomplish the task first. In addition to the speed of competition, but also according to the invasion of the server site used by the operating system to assess the strength. The Windows was most hackers look down, because the game rules of intrusion based on Windows server can only get 1 points, Unix, Linux or BSD intrusion system each 2 points, damage to the AIX system of IBM 3, and the destruction of OS/X system is generally regarded as a higher security HP-UX system and apple computer the 5 points each. Winners will get 500M free data storage.

the contest by a man called Defacers Challenge’s website, and by an independent third party website to calculate the scores of hackers. Unexpectedly, the score was another website hacked, always in a state of disconnection. The competition attracted a lot of attention from the media, but it turned out to be thunder and rain. According to the report, there are only a few hundred websites, and most of them are attacked by small businesses. Some experts believe that such an attack almost every day, can not explain what is different this time. People can not help but ask, this contest is a scam?

according to competition requirements, in 6 hours the attack broken 6000 sites, which is to be kept per minute break 17 websites. This speed can only be the use of vulnerability scanning program, which requires that the server itself has obvious security flaws. The prize is almost a joke. Moreover, which time the real hacker attack, one week ahead of the advertising? But if it is a scam, why would such a concern? Just because the manufacturers want to find a breakthrough in the business, the media to create news events, and some of the young hackers have extra energy to release?

the event itself is the epitome of the whole world is. The story inside, there are technology, capital flows, globalization (Global hacker linkage), just like the twenty-first Century drama elements. The target is a hacking contest boast WMD deception, its deterrent force makes you have to guard, it is unwarranted reputation. You have to buy a few more firewalls from the other side of the ocean. You know, it is in the dark; you are weak, it is strong; you are attacked, must pay tuition. You know that it is a disaster to hide, however, only disaster Xi Xi Xi, take the initiative to improve the safety measures and technical reserves.

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