Website optimization enterprise website network marketing strategy

Website optimization

. A website structure optimization. At present the enterprise website structure is the home page, company profile, product information, recruitment information, contact information.

these structures can be basically put the website as a simple brochure, not play interactive network. For the general enterprises to use interactive network, maybe for now, they are not professionals to be responsible, then the first jump in the past, I will have a special article. So now we have to structure the media perspective of optimizing the corporate website.

1 website internal link optimization. The connection between each of the pages of the site, don’t go on the navigation bar, but to try to appear connected to the page content, which induced visitors step by step to look at, and send you E-MAIL ask here to remember a business. The details. That is when he induced to send E-MAIL to you, don’t leave a direct mail address, should leave a " contact us; > > > " ultra connected. Of course not link to another page, but your mailbox (example: In short, the coherence to the perspective of the viewer from one to start. To ensure the coherence of the hyperlink structure.

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