Pea pods founder learned from the well known enterprises in Silicon Valley


peas founder Wang Junyu (Tencent technology plan)

in May this year, pea pods founder Wang Junyu after attending the Google conference I/O visited several technologies, including Flipboard, Facebook, Dropbox, etc..

following is his visit to understand:

Flipboard: consider publisher interest


team of the company from the beginning of the content publishers of products for the core interests into consideration, give support in content and show the brand level, but also the establishment and content publishers into the model in advertising. In addition, the brand and the product is integrated to users, the core concept of Flipboard is "Flip" the interaction and action, this thing is not plagiarism plagiarism — as long as the interaction itself is an advertisement for Flipboard.

Facebook: focus on employee growth

‘s Bootcamp (Facebook boot camp) allows employees to grow quickly, but also help new employees to build a network of people. OKRs (Objectives and Key Results, goals and main results) in Facebook called Goals, the goal is to adjust the implementation side, the person in charge of the project will often communicate with employees.

Evernote: employees are heavy users

user pay model allows Evernote to establish the concept of "customer first", the user experience to the forefront. The Evernote staff is the world’s most severe 400 Evernote users, their beta version is the most important test, which helps to ensure the quality of products.

Mozilla: open community culture

as a pioneer of non-profit organizations and open products, "open" to become the core of the Mozilla brand. In addition, the concept of "community" is also an important part of corporate culture, regular meeting on Monday, the office space are open, many product development, design is also completed by enthusiastic volunteers.

Pinterest: can quickly reach a consensus

Many employees of

Pinterest from Google (micro-blog), Facebook, which makes the corporate culture can be inherited, but also allow more consensus between colleagues, to promote teamwork, thereby improving efficiency.

Asana: focus on their own

has its own ideas and methodology, focusing on their own roadmap does not follow the competition >

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