Talking about the four thinking methods and successful methods of the Taobao business

Some people think that Taobao

customers for the grass-roots webmaster has become chicken ribs, money is more and more difficult, because many large sites have joined the Taobao customers, which greatly reduced the living space of the grassroots webmaster Taobao guest! There are a lot of people think, with the further development of electronic commerce, the Internet will have a an important channel for procurement of residents, so for different segments of the industry products, Taobao customers still has a strong vitality to the grassroots webmaster! According to the two different views, the author thinks that there is some truth in it, but there are some defects, for the development of Taobao guest Wangzhuan, personal thought Taobao passenger service environment leads to increased difficulty, but avoid some mistakes in the operation of thinking and grasp some successful operation of Taobao customers, I believe that It is very easy to succeed, we first look at the common four kinds of operations Taobao customer wrong thinking!

A: mentality immature

this kind of thinking often makes many people think that Taobao can get rich quickly, because see Ali’s mother in Taobao billboard is off day to earn million Master, which makes a lot of people entering the Taobao of the guest see blood boil, others for a day to earn million yuan, I earn a month million yuan and it is also quite good, so after a detailed market survey on the random choice of a product will join Taobao customers, but the reality is cruel, when you are running after a period of time, you will find that the transaction can not have a list for a month, so he immediately quit Taobao ranks of the guest, this is a typical immature mentality of wrong thinking


two: do a good job as long as the Taobao publicity on the line

Many people think that Taobao

objective is to give businesses to pull customers on the line, and then through the transaction to his commission, many people will choose some high commission products, and then began to engage in some what list what within the high commission recommend these goods, and then through the forum, QQ group to Post Bar, etc. it looks like this propaganda, can get good results, but for these high commission goods if you don’t know, that your recommendation is often feeble, even over the flow, because the user experience of the website is too poor to not substantive content leads to the conversion rate of the site is too bad. Nature can not earn what money


three: listen to mom on the publicity, as long as the code can make money

in Ali’s mother, we can see that Taobao can do free guest website through API, can also sell through the choice of product code, they learn, but these technologies are often in the operation of Taobao is not on the guest what, why, Taobao API off site has been blocked Baidu, and Taobao customer code basically is chicken ribs in chicken ribs, there is no way to translate into actual sales, so do Taobao off for some basic knowledge is required, such as SEO optimization, such as graphic design, website construction,


four: no innovative thinking


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