How to do web advertising sales

industry website is how profitable? I believe we are not unfamiliar with this issue, it is through the two sources of membership and advertising. This article mainly aims at the advertisement sale this one to specifically analyze the profession website especially is not well-known the industry website how to sell the advertisement more effectively.

1 Analysis of user groups anxious peer site. This is easy to understand, since we do is the industry website, we must have targeted to do. What kind of service is our website for which industry groups. We can look at the industry’s successful web site to see what their web site is mainly advertisers, which ads are suitable to put on our website. Secondly, the analysis of the industry’s advertising how to do, for example, in order to show the professionalism of the ads, the choice of what kind of color. For a lower visibility of the industry website, learn more about the success of some of the site’s experience, for our future construction is good.

2 according to the appeal of the study, we have to make a specific analysis of the situation of their website, the layout of the ad and professional level. For example, clothing website advertising can do fancy fashion some. Then the mechanical category is to do a formal professional point, reflecting the professional content. This is not difficult, to learn more about other sites or to observe the reality of the relevant industries of the company’s advertising is how to understand how to do. Then put the ads with the purpose of emissions, you need to understand a situation, for example, I was doing the hydraulic machinery website, advertising is a relatively large number of second-hand construction machinery company and engineering accessories company, and second-hand construction machinery Shanghai more work machinery blade Ma’anshan more. So you can put together a few of the same area, the most obvious location for investment. For example: advertising layout, so as a result of peer competition, he will contact you. Lead to competition.

3 advertising content value specific

advertising itself is too virtual, the customer can not get specific information. We can value the value of the third party platform. Here you can use Google and other search engines, of course, everyone’s site is not the same situation, according to their own website. Advertising is the biggest value of publicity, followed by sales. Of course, only rely on the website home page advertising itself is not enough, you can use Baidu included the number of your web page, because web pages will be included in Baidu, there will be more information will be included in Baidu, so join us after certainly know, Baidu can not flow ratio. One advantage of this the key point is to highlight your website, then by means of more advantage of the platform to improve their social status. Of course, the premise is your site can not be too rubbish. Summarized as bangdakuan.

4 gives the customer the best service. Customer advertising is just a start, and we go on to consider how the ads to bring customers

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