As a start up company elephant condoms is how quickly build visibility

lead: look from a "reliable" starting point, to one of the most needed "reliable" in the field, the elephant in a short time how fast to build awareness of



90 entrepreneurs, adult goods market, and Internet thinking can not be separated from the millet mode". At the beginning of this year, the elephant condom with these tags appear in the market, how much did not take the point of meaning: only one product, only online channels, pricing is also more expensive than similar brands.

do not have much advantage in brand, price, channels, the elephant want to enter is most in need of reliable degree: compared with other daily consumption of products, "the matter of human life, the condom looks more emphasis on brand recognition. In the first step before shaping the brand, elephant condoms are chosen by the rapid market awareness. Wang Cen, chairman of Sequoia Capital as saying, 90 entrepreneurs generally play is to do marketing, then do the industry chain integration and exploration.

after the use of condoms to open a certain market visibility, in May of this year to complete the A round of financing the elephant is more described himself as a "daily FMCG company, not only launched the 2 product upgrading, the team is also exploring other elephants or sounds nothing of what the relationship between products, and then determined to launch the APP community, in addition to the online mall will bear similar to the young people community function. Founder Liu Kenan said the team is constantly trying, do not try we do not know, the final product will be introduced".

earlier this year, I have had a chat with Liu Kenan, then the Internet thinking that normalizing, but apart from a few products and concepts, we did not talk more stories, so there is no writing; half a year later, I and Liu Kenan and their CEO Zhao Chuan talk time, in the first the media attention after the heat in the past, this time I want to know, as now the limelight Masamori 90 entrepreneurs as a member of the elephant team and how to understand their product and audience.

each product should become a social product

before the launch of the product, the elephant made a thing is known. The new brand can quickly have a lot of inherent advantages in the Internet industry, there are a lot of young people, start-up teams, projects and sex related.

especially when Ma Jiajia "90 girls selling sex toys" the heat has not in the past, and to sell condoms after 90 teenager, and top hat millet mode. The so-called millet mode refers to the elephant condom is only a product, not only online sales and distribution channels, "get the lowest threshold of most users," Liu Kenan explained his understanding of the Internet thinking".

and put it on the product itself, in addition to the same emphasis on security and "0.03mm" >

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