Three years of site operation and maintenance experience my personal feeling


is a grass-roots grass-roots is a real grassroots webmaster, but a grassroots grassroots grassroots grassroots have insisted that day, I began in 2010 with the website, now has three years of experience, from the original website editor, later open source independent station, now to the operation and maintenance of website optimization the sad, only you know, as a grassroots webmaster I in their own future development direction where? Back through the station road, I felt the heart sad, well, the author mainly for web site construction and maintenance of their own history and you talk about our website operation process in recent in the little bit of experience, so we continued to enter today’s theme of gossip short.

first, the profession must be a step by step. We know that when their web technology change rapidly, a website editor is also very envious of those site technician, but he is very clear, I was an editor, the envy of others as to improve themselves, this time after work every day to learn the basic knowledge of website construction, learning basic knowledge of website maintenance, in the process of learning the author thinks that we must to capture a knowledge point after another, do not desire daqiuduo.

second, set a goal to continue to do not blindly follow the others. To learn the use of open source systems which station for a moment they feel good, great time, see what kind of website I want to set up quickly, tourism hot today do tourism website, this website will make the fire day lose weight lose weight, but within a year, the author made numerous websites, but when the end of the summary found a no climate, this time is mind over the slightest emotion, the original web site easy is not easy to adhere to


third, find the way to stick to their dreams. Because my hometown is famous spa town of Xi’an area, the author abandoned a lot of impetuous ideas, do travel piece, the spring of 2010 travel website Tangyu on-line ready is below the copyright link we can see, because of their own home information site, and for their local local customs and practices are very familiar with. Tourism, catering accommodation at a glance, after site without any deliberate optimization, only provide practical travel information to understand the information for the user, this time after less than a month in the Baidu home page site firmly, that time I had no need to click into place, the optimization that deliberately is the most important value.

fourth, continue to enrich themselves closely follow the trend of the internet. I do not think he is a very clever mind, when I was learning a skill self that spend time and energy to more than twice as many people even more, this idea has been the slow need to start early. is my personal motto, Internet is developing very fast, has several major upgrades to the 2013 Baidu algorithm the webmaster is in an uproar, this website website security technology, user experience requirements force to enhance their own page art and CSS landscaping techniques.

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