Local information network alternative profit model

do local classification information network more than a year, put in a lot of, most of the investment is also the site of the revision of the art costs, now spent about 6000 of it. A total of 3 revision, but no advertising revenue. IP stable at around 2000


has been thinking about the profit model or profit point of classified information.

local classification information PK local information port, we come to bet. I vote for the local classification of information wins, his optimistic about him, no way,

let’s analyze.

local information port advantage:

1, traffic advantage, because the local information network is generally the telecommunications sector, so the pressure on the flow is small, basically do not need to spend a lot of money to promote.

2, brand advantage, each place has its own corresponding official information port, which determines his brand status.

3, the team with the economic advantages of large enterprises do not worry about people with money.

local classification information advantage:

1, classification is relatively small, can involve a lot of industries.

2, the purpose of the professional is relatively strong, is to provide information.

3, rich information

local information port slightly potential:

1, too big a mess and not professional

2, advertising price high

local classification information slightly potential:

1, there is no brand, so there is no advertiser

2, the release of information can not be charged, it is difficult to maintain the daily expenses

3, the source of traffic problems, difficult to promote

I assume that

is an advertising A, I is the group of advertising buyers, the company let me buy online advertising, give me XXXXXX yuan, I did not hesitate to choose the local information harbor, because there is already a brand, and is a regular operation of the company.

why don’t I choose the local classification information network? The reason is very simple, generally this kind of site lack of team, is generally personal operation is not company operation. People feel is not professional, I will not put the money here. Because the money is not mine, I will not take into account the specific effect, I only know that I put in the most local cattle site advertising.

I assume that

is an advertising B, I am a local self-employed responsible for unlocking, I want to promote my unlock business through the local site, the local information port price is too scary, but no professional needs of the population, so I think what is suitable for my advertising on the site, because I am a person so, each advertising I will be very careful in reckoning, I think I would choose the local classification and information network, because there is such a content classification column. And the price is very cheap. Although it may be seen every day

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