History of nternet advertising in China

Get online advertising originated in America in 1994. In October 14th of that year, the famous American Wired magazine launched the online version of Hotwired (www.hotwired.com), its home page began to AT&, T and other 14 customer advertising Banner. This is a landmark in the history of advertising.

China Internet advertising history

China’s first commercial online advertising appeared in March 1997, the spread of the site is Chinabyte, advertising forms of 468× 60 pixel animation banner ads. Intel and IBM are the first advertisers to advertise on the internet. China’s online advertising until the beginning of 1998, only a small scale, has gone through the past 5 years. After several years of development, the network advertising industry has been gradually mature after several baptism, the size of China’s online advertising market is close to 500 million yuan.

China online advertising development memorabilia

February 16, 2001

Chinabyte.com in March 1997 to get the first advertising revenue

April 1997 Chinabyte.com authorized by the international media monitoring agency AcNielsen’s professional company began to visit the site third party certification

in March 1998, "China Computer News" contained in the proposed and organized ISP and advertising companies to discuss the operation of online advertising

In July 1998

net (www.cww.com) at

network advertising seminar in Beijing

August 1998 CNNIC and Sohu.com held Sohu site access statistics press conference and issued a visitor traffic certification

November 1998 China.com Corporation and Media Inc. at the third annual meeting of the national network announced the establishment of 24/7 Interactive Media Asia Limited,


January 1999 euro RSCG (Guangzhou) Advertising Co. Ltd. (www.eurorscg.com.cn) set up interactive media in Beijing

in March 1999 CNNIC and Internet Weekly held the 99 China advertising seminar

April 1999, Ogilvy and JWT Joe companies in China launched an interactive media consulting in September 1999 www.media999.com to enter Chinese in December and Adforce.com formed a strategic alliance in December 1999 CNNIC 17 websites initiative launched a website visitor traffic metrics — "website statistical terminology and measurement


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