The use of Baidu search box Kuangzhuan 50 yuan a day

Baidu bid perhaps the highest word is imported bearings, see how I earn 50 dollars a day. Our company’s website ranking 50 thousand, website put Baidu search box, put before the search box is a direct application, then I do the management, the company’s Web site for the search box, the previous code for me to apply for the search code, because the information is my personal. So Baidu monthly pay is my. Their work so hard for the company, the flow can not be lost in vain, it is a pity.

use their own search box to search for some of the higher price of the word, such as imports of server hosting server hosting rental slimming beauty cancer heart disease flowers gifts to study abroad…… These words are bidding to 10 dollars, which imports bearing bidding to 134 dollars by twenty percent in return for stationmaster, an imported bearings, I have more than and 20 dollars, in recent months income, no 20% return, because I’m a genius is 50 yuan when the highest income, 120. Because our website every day tens of thousands of IP, the search is also more, every day I point a few times, absolutely no problem, I have a degree. In this way, in addition to wages, I have about 1500 yuan per month to give me the wages of Baidu, really cool.

look at how many people do in the use of imported bearings do bidding:


look at the price of imported bearings to how much money:

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