Entrepreneurs should pay attention to Baidu light application opportunities

Baidu 2013 conference is mainly talking about Baidu’s latest product light applications, I summed up under the Baidu light application has the following four characteristics.

1, intelligent search, you can search the long tail keywords from mining to your application.

2, no need to install, use immediately.

3, no less than Native App on the device’s ability to invoke the mechanism, coupled with the direct call Baidu maps, storage, and other services interface. This point shows that Baidu light application is completely different from the 360 light applications, the 360 browser light application is essentially HTML5, and Baidu light application is not entirely HTML5, but more innovative technology.

4, subscription push.

4 points above four entrepreneurs are worth careful corresponding to their own industries and applications, leveraging this super entrance to play their own advantage. This is a fledgling platform, also means unlimited opportunities. As an entrepreneur, I Baidu this open the following interpretation, share with you all.

first, the opportunity for APP tools

APP refers to the so-called popular users do not often use, but at the crucial moment will immediately call up these applications. Such as translation, doctors, hotels, tourism, etc.. Everyone can become a super entrance to WeChat, but WeChat in this respect did not give developers a better chance of the API interface in technology have great pioneering work. In short, WeChat is Tencent’s own game business, and developers have nothing to do. While Baidu’s open just to this upset APP tools are provided a good opportunity.


where the answer is obvious – intelligent search, which is Baidu’s so-called broken shell".

we make a comparison: a developer to develop an application on WeChat, you must search the complete user premise is the public number to find you! For the promotion, WeChat does not assume any promotion effect, but only as a terminal, promote completely on your own, you can see WeChat negative attitude the tools of APP. But in the Baidu platform is not the same, the natural flow advantage for any developer can bring considerable amount of users, as long as you put the content, services, the long tail traffic naturally rolling.

currently represents, good doctor online, 58 city.

second, since the media’s two chance


to the public number of folding, attitude is very clear, do not want to do the wedding dress for others. WeChat is positioning itself as a tool for interpersonal relationships, gaming platforms. For the media is undoubtedly the head bashing, and the olive branch of the Sohu, the major media people from the media is a very good thing, but there is always the same thing > Sohu

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