nternet entrepreneurs you have to be a little hard on yourself

recently in thousands of webmaster Baotuan project, after all, not alone in the era of innovation and cooperation, mutual benefit, sharing circle is the trend. 13 on the evening of the exchange together, talked about the current situation. Zhu Weikun, including a number of friends, including the exchange of their own growth, the guardian was prepared to write an article yesterday to record it, but eventually the enemy but lazy heart did not write. 15, 2009, in a row to see the general manager of Chongqing Zhuo Zhuo (age 18) of a business presentation, naturally write this article.

Internet is a new industry, at least only more than and 10 years in the country, and for the Internet business is only a few years. Although the current competition is still relatively large, but the opportunity is also a lot of. We are a group of people with no background, only the back of the Internet, this may be our chance. Guardian with some friends exchange, dished out several views boast without shame, share with you.

entrepreneurship is a good word, at least in the minds of the public is a good word. The Internet business is even more so. In the eyes of outsiders, we look at the computer every day, every day have a leisure day, money is rushing to. The truth is cruel.

1: you have to work harder to be successful.

this example is a good friend of Zhu Weikun as an example. We see Kun brother in fact, the family condition is good, when the soldiers for a few years. When he came back, he could have found a good job under the arrangement of his parents. Half a year to eat and drink on the computer, doing what? Play more than half a year in the computer next to learn, to determine the network this road. Then on the Internet dished out the real name network marketing this trump card. In 2010 got 1 million venture capital, in 2013 to get a 5 million venture capital. At present, the exchange of real name network marketing is still at least a lot of friends in the circle of recognition, the exchange of road Consulting Co., Ltd. is also organized to participate in online collaboration.

comment: if you arrive at this level, what will happen to you, as far as I know, good friend Zhu Weikun placed ten computers at home, open at least more than five units per day. Believe that you can think about this.

two: Internet startups you have to create opportunities.

ordinary people give up opportunities, smart people seize the opportunity, and the wise will create opportunities. As a pure partner for 95 years, Cai Chun, general manager of Chongqing hundred know how to create opportunities. Primary school grade six to enter the Internet cafes to play games, but infatuated with the site. On the first day to let the family with the computer, with the mother’s ID card opened the Taobao store, a monthly income of 3000. What we do in the thirteen or fourteen can imagine?. After graduating from junior high school to learn technical training, learning during the three years while working. After 9 years after the establishment of Chongqing Zhuo is April 2013, now has passed.

comment: the wise man knows how to create opportunities. Thirteen year old boy.

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