Flash little game site on what profit

      many flash game websites, and many have been bigger, such as 4399.com 3839.com yx007.com xiaoyouxi.com 7733.com  gameyes.com. According to statistics, the current flow of more than 1000 IP a small game site has reached 4000, another small game channel such as play.zol.com.cn channel 4000.
      small game site is the primary audience of primary and secondary school students, they do not have the ability to consume, in addition to the game itself does not have the ability to nuggets, so can not make money from the page.

      because the game takes up a large bandwidth, the user is concentrated, so the site’s profit is quickly resolved as the first point, otherwise it is difficult to maintain the site.

  Google Adsense is currently the main advertising and walk game advertising. More advertising alliance please refer to (www.admin5.com/union)




the total profit is still very small, generally speaking, Google Advertising, IP 10 thousand home game site a month income is about 2000.

GG adsenser      (16.56%)

Taobao click ads     (0.55%)

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