The amount of false commercial channels posing as real users developers give way

entrepreneurs very bitter turtle, are creative, suffer from development, suffer from user experience.

entrepreneurs very bitter turtle, even if the products do not spread, it is difficult to obtain the user.

entrepreneurs very bitter turtle, encounter unscrupulous channels, to spend money to do the promotion, take the time to do change, but still does not see improvement products.

look at the same bitter turtle Zhao Xue’s developers readme.

I do data mining technical background, and engaged in the promotion of the work of three years, App paid promotion fraud phenomenon has It is often seen.,


finally learned, seen false, not seen such nonsense.

The number of

million yuan promotion expenses, receive tens of thousands of activation volume, only 7 real users, of course, does not exclude the 7 "real" is the test cheating channels, products, operations, business friends beware:

my company to do long-term App change the amount of pay and promotion, has recently launched a smart algorithm to identify the false content, found a "A channel" (the channel can be real name to Zhao Tongxie privately asked) serious cheating brush fake amount. Take a look at the channel A last week’s data (Note: due to product related confidential data, the implicit value of specific, only the general trend). All of the following charts are true):

· registration rate

· retention rate

· start times

(1) registration rate


(2) once retained user


(3) start times (average per person per day)


all data without obvious abnormalities, from the data point of view, is a high quality channel". Don’t give up!?? More depth data (last week):

· churn rate

· user return interval

· hardcore user ratio

(1) user churn rate


(2) user visit interval


(3) hardcore user ratio


commonly used data are checked, there is no conclusive exception!

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