Qualcomm Shen Jin the next wave of mobile nternet business boom where


August 29th, sponsored by the Qualcomm Corp, entrepreneur hosted "to change the traditional mobile Internet, the next opportunity" forum ended at the Beijing Marriott City Wall Hotel, Qualcomm Corp vice president and general manager of the investment department of Qualcomm Chinese District Shen Jin, Sequoia Capital Chinese fund partner Zhou Kui, vice president of IDG capital, Sequoia Capital, Yue Bin China fund vice president Cao Yi the investment community and Broadlink CEO guest Liu Zongru, alo7 CEO Pan Pengkai, easy-to-use vehicles CEO Zhou hang and other guests attended and participated in the forum discussion.

Qualcomm Corp vice president and general manager of the investment department of Qualcomm China District Shen Jin site published a wonderful speech, he to the mobile Internet hot topic for the next wave of innovation we review the wave of entrepreneurship, and the next wave of entrepreneurship is prospected. Shen Jin believes that the wave is mainly in these three aspects, the first is the extension of the Internet in the mobile area, today we are in the intelligent mobile phone, if you still watch Youku, Taobao, Jingdong, are actually PC Internet access to mobile terminal. The second aspect is the application of the individual tools, for example, we check the weather, we take pictures of Meitu Xiu Xiu, as well as flight steward and so on, of course, personal entertainment, is also very much Mobile Games we discussed at present, on the one hand it is based on the intelligent terminal communication tools, at the same time it is the information terminal, we put a lot of the past means of communication of rich and colorful multimedia, so today we see micro-blog, WeChat and so on are such communication and social based on such demand to provide services to you.

Shen Jin believes the next move it as a power, it can change or we say to subvert our existing many industries, here are just a few examples. For example, the advertising industry, this is a mobile advertising has been very clearly defined in this line of business, there are a lot of companies business, we as investors also made this investment. Payment and financial aspects, the recent topic, the Internet is relatively hot financial, but as a means of payment, it should be said that the development has gradually matured, there are several years of development trajectory. Last year and the year before there have been some small company of entrepreneurship in the field of mobile health, I think health is an area of particular concern to everyone, from the GDP, is also a very big industry, in this respect we feel there must be investment opportunities, but also a closely related transportation industry with our life industry, so this is why we feel mobile can change in this industry, we find a relatively early start of the industry. This is just a schema, it is not to say that these four industries is our passion and attention, and so we will talk about the education industry, such as the smart furniture industry.

at the same time, Shen Jin believes that in this industry, if we want to succeed, or to pay attention to several points: the first is the standard, our colleagues will share a so-called Internet of things

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