Flash purchase can also make 1 billion scale Fab prepare new round of financing

IT Sohu news according to foreign media reports, many sources of creative products, flash sales site Fab is a new round of financing, the amount is expected to exceed $100 million, the company’s valuation will reach $1 billion.

Fab had previously raised $171 million. After the completion of the last round of financing, Fab valuation of about $600 million.

experienced the initial transformation, the number of Fab users has increased to 12 million, the company continues to develop rapidly. Last year, Fab revenue reached $150 million, the company disclosed in February this year, sales in January 2013 compared with the same period last year, an increase of nearly 300%. From the data, in January this year is Fab in the third highest ever sales.

Fab international business also has great potential for development. For Fab, the UK is the fastest growing market outside the United states. In the UK, Fab has 1 million users, bringing nearly 40% of the company’s sales in europe.

, according to sources, many investors in Asia are interested in investing in Fab. Before Fab’s investors include Andreessen Horowitz venture capital company and Ashton Kutcher (Ashton Kutcher) and other entertainment industry celebrities. It is worth noting that the "Washington Post" and "India times" are also Fab investors.

new round of financing means that Fab can expand more acquisitions, the introduction of more new products and new business opportunities to find new business opportunities in the Amazon electricity supplier. (Wade)

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