Talking about 100P’s experience of making 3

for the novice traffic is difficult to increase rapidly, but from the start to improve the site profitability, although some website traffic is not high but the wealth is very high, which have a good example, we specifically talk about how to improve the Google advertising revenue.

Keywords keywords optimization

try to choose the relatively high price, like exchange weight etc, the content of the website to do as much as possible to highlight these keywords, such not only can improve the Google advertising price, but also can improve the keywords ranking, website of SEO is also very helpful, if your site has been established, and want to change the theme of the site that you can improve your Google advertising revenue increased by method of motor rate, many methods to increase the click rate, which is the most effective optimization of advertising position, let Google advertising your website and you fully integrated, and also the prominent advertising links. I do a station (), it reached 100IP earn 2 to $3.


I put ads on the web content, it makes the advertisement into web content, advertising color with a bright red, and then highlight the advertisement, when visitors enter the site, the first to see the advertising links, greatly improves the Google ad Click rate. But because the theme of the site keywords is not high key words, so the income is not very ideal, after a lot of optimization high key words.

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