The game theory of Entrepreneurs between life and death

in the giant and between life and death, entrepreneurial companies repeatedly struggle, but compared with the environment, each entrepreneur must overcome their own inner

fuel is a bit high? "The trophy and Chrysler luxury sedan car key moment, 25 year old Tang Wenbin sentence without scheming discourse laugh all the people present.


will abandon a number of already profitable mature venture? Such a mature team and project selection as "entrepreneurs" dark horse contest? Judges, hina Group Chairman and chief executive officer of Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi Chen Honghe almost gave the same answer: a future.

360 degree face recognition, is not a perfect technology, but if you can find a mature business model, it can be widely used in many fields.

no doubt the judges are a game, as an entrepreneur in China is always facing life and death and giants." Zhou Hongyi told the first financial daily.

market game, how to shake the giant

chose Tang Wenbin, to some extent, the choice of Zhou Hongyi himself.

in recent years, Zhou Hongyi is undoubtedly a legendary figure in the Internet field. Some people think that he is a destroyer, all the rules do not speak; some people think he is wise, into the search field, quickly became the industry second, and the Qihoo to form a closed loop layout. Ma Huateng and other chiefs of the desktop wars, so that the famous but also suffered criticism from customers, but also by Zhou Hongyi.

yes, define him as a spoiler is more suitable, but this showstopper for myself to a cup of soup. Challenge the brand, challenge authority. He said I only 10%, 15%, but he was thinking of the upside of the 85%, 90%." Zheng Jie, general manager and President of Chrysler China sales, such interpretation of Zhou Hongyi.

this, Zhou Hongyi’s own interpretation is subversive innovation". "When faced with competition how to do?" Zhou Hongyi answered: "when you’re using a subversive play, especially when the user experience and business mode of subversion, the biggest challenge is to have your own determination."

Zhou Hongyi said that the "subversion" and "destruction" of the two words together with innovation, many people will feel a bit treason and heresy, but this is actually a misunderstanding. American Business Academy of the classic textbook speaks very clearly, an innovative enterprise, must be in accordance with has been successful in the enterprise in the market rules of the game to do, in the reality of the lack of resources, lack of capital and talent, we must act in a diametrically opposite way. The so-called subversive innovation is to find ways to destroy the existing business rules and business models. However, no matter what kind of subversion and destruction, there must be a reference standard, that is, to consumers, to create value for users, and create benefits. >

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