The new year to the network construction of the webmaster should live

is now more and more enterprises and individuals for the needs of the web site, the web industry is also increasing, the size of each site, studio is more dragons and fishes jumbled together and confusing. Want to survive, do not blindly look for customers and boast, need to analyze the market, find a foothold. Learn from each other, to create their own selling points.

to talk about the most competitive and market prospects of intelligent station. Although many intelligent, under the banner of "typing will do" slogan, but I think the most intelligent offer is not smart. Intelligent station to comply with (a) the replacement of a key templates and website content does not change without losing (two) website free to modify the content of their own or column mode definition (three) page module free add / modify / move (four) you can customize / modify the CSS file. Intelligent market prospects are very good, that is, the higher the cost of development, but the latter maintenance costs are very low (just to provide new templates and server space), but the customer is relying on the perennial smart station company.

for customer advantage: the initial cost is low, long-term calculation is not low; convenient maintenance. Disadvantages: is intelligent company "secure". Custom function pages need more support to meet the individual needs.

for intelligent station company: the initial development cost is high, the later maintenance cost relative income profit space is very big; just need to develop a large number of templates, do not need to communicate with the customer manuscript, improve efficiency. Explore more powerful features to support, expand the plug-in platform, open template design, allowing users to participate.

professional large network company, the company expenses, of course fees are high, this company is not much, see the many site of the company website, motionless that dozens of people, hundreds of thousands of customers nearly million. But works and real cases are very few. Such companies do not survive. Usually large web sites have their own programmers.

other company to do site, usually running websites or advertising company, received a construction site list, can’t complete their outsourcing to Witkey or studio, this type should be more.

In fact,

is more of a small company or personal studio. A personal studio is more suitable to create personalized website, let a person look after can leave a deep impression, it should be more foreign designers to learn, but most workers always put their personal website to build the very atmosphere and boast too. I think you should create their own characteristics, personal studio website not necessarily designed "how much money, how awesome the establishment of the company", to grasp the characteristics of their own, personal studio can be compared to the rigid blog, website, blog and make people feel closer, more personalized. If the blog popularity is high, can increase the sense of trust and more customer source.

the same as the domestic mobile phone site, always like the cottage, important customers, many customers are to see other beautiful sites, or competitors’ website >

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