Quanqian Research on the mode of website franchising

If you open a small shop, can only earn 100 thousand yuan a year, how to earn more than ten million yuan in the next second years?

answer: very simple, that is, with the franchise model.

Very wide

franchise mode of operation in the traditional business, we often go to McDonald’s, KFC, daily coffee and so on are on this model. Today, Wang Tong and we talk about the website + franchise this business model.


franchise mode so badly, I was in 2002 envisaged the franchise system and the mode of binding site in the article, in 2003 in Shanghai and a friend cooperation experiment, found many problems. By 2005, suddenly found this model to the domestic Internet began to really boiling.

in recent years, because of the rapid development of the Internet, attracting more and more traditional areas of business people, these people do not understand the Internet, so they chose the franchise system. Because of the franchise model for traditional projects, the main selling is successful experience, model, brand.

Because of this mode of

has a huge temptation to such a large force, so there are so many businesses themselves are not successful, blindly using this model, money scam. We see that all over the sky to join the advertising business, most of which are for the purpose of.


moved to the fickleness of the Internet industry, not to mention it, quanqian behavior is more serious. According to my observation that more than a year, found more and more Internet Co began using this mode of money, and more and more severe, more and more serious, there is a very terrible problem. If you want to join, be careful!

One of the problems of

: model market are not doing it blindly engage.

this site very much, at present this model which is most, the market model did not do it, its products are very poor, rely on business did not earn a penny, and then began to vigorously concept, began to use the franchise system to misappropriating. But also particularly ruthless, a city light admission fee will be tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

in order to deceive the franchisee, these companies are particularly aggressive media offensive, and created a very lively business environment, and then Ding Lei, Ma Yun, and other heroes of the experience of the hero, such as to encourage franchisees. In the faint, the money to join the business to invest in, and cast in a few months later, he found himself on the.

two: borrow portal brand:


this year, after some specialized franchise quanqian Internet Co own project comes to an end, you can find new business opportunities, so they found a portal site, using portal brand alliance system quanqian Xu ghat.

franchisee is not particularly aware of the Internet, a listen to this site is Sina, Sohu, NetEase, QQ, and look at these sites >

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