Pin code verification and teach you to cancel the Google Adsense Western Union quick cash withdrawal

found that many people can not receive Google Adsense pin code. I used to be the same. However, I have canceled the pin code verification. The "four year return on $50 –" I find difficult and lengthy in incidentally mentioned this point did not elaborate, immediately asked me with the method of webmaster friends. Now the method is announced as follows, hope to help the same problem.

three consecutive application pin code not received, you can find contact Google in the background of your account in the link (in the background where you look carefully), with the title as the three did not receive pin code mail past. Google will send you an email soon, as follows:


thank you for your letter.

if your payee has the correct address, we offer you two choices:

1 you can provide ID scan and proof of authenticity (such as bank statements, telephone bills, or bills of water and electricity) that can be used to prove the beneficiary’s address. Please note that you will need to have your payee’s name and address on the scan and be consistent with your AdSense account information. These materials will only be used to confirm your address and will not leak this information to any third party. We will help you manually through the PIN code verification.

2 if you cannot provide the documents for any reason, and from the last time you sent a personal identification number after 3 weeks, you still have not received your PIN, please reply to this email and indicate in the letter " repeat PIN code ". Upon receipt of your reply by mail, we will send you another PIN code.

here, of course, choose the first method, because the method may not be able to receive 2 and the time is too long to wait. According to the first method id scan is very good, but I find the telephone bill utilities bill found above no address, do not know the other area is not so, but even if there is the address of the household name may also be your parents instead of you, so I think for a long time, take account of this. His scan a page, and then together with the ID scan back together in the past. There is no link, direct reply to the message is. Then soon Google sent a message, probably only a few hours time, the content is as follows:


I manually override the pin confirmation request for your account. In this way, you do not have to confirm any other information for payment.

The lifting of the

in your account all payments leaving the other state, we will be the first month of more than $100 dollars in your account after the end of the balance of payments to you.

so, you don’t have to confirm the Pin code, just wait for the account balance to meet the standard can be paid directly to the money

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