Ma Huateng Vanke 200 management training say what


the afternoon of December 9th, major executives and employees Vanke 200 to Tencent from the headquarters, Ma Huateng arrived at the scene for everyone "science". As one of the three example 170000 study, Tencent experience and vision, Liu Chiping and President Ma Huateng had already described on different occasions, there is no need to repeat the speech content, this article wants to capture Vanke weekly, is light feather that pony elder brother speech, trying to use the glue and splice these fragments and anecdotes a (less complete) pony brother impression.

Shenzhen Tencent headquarters multi-function hall computer desktop, the browser is Google’s Chrome, promo player is Baidu video, a bit surprising.

pony elder brother once said, his most want to have the talent is a public speech. The 9 day, the audience is not unexpected, a word he will appear in the three "this"; a PPT showed abnormal halfway when a sudden transition; a 30 minute speech, the microphone tightly in her hand, the nail feet behind the desk is on the floor, let the whole field shake the burden laugh: two times.

, however, no one dares to ignore his audience to say every word, and even very few people with a bow brush WeChat way to express their respect for the Tencent. A comment on the scene Yu Liang, not overbearing that emboldened in, not hoarse will naturally attract people; another beauty after the evaluation is: "he is very down to earth".

if he had to imitate the ancient Greek orator, facing Shenzhen bay mouth with stones or hard, according to the online tips, treat the people as the "Chinese cabbage", then to his IQ, there may be more of a speech master, but the user as a radish may also come to the Tencent today.

had a preview of the audience will find a condensed version of his speech is the recent Tencent executives consensus, the presence of more interest is what individual factors, can make students like astronomical observations of a 20 years ago, today became Chinese Internet a brother.


telescope is characterized by: the longer the focal length, the farther it is seen, the smaller the field of view. The face of the unknown distant fog, people are difficult to get rid of short-sighted harassment:

QQ spent more than two years to profit, then almost sell, thanks to his hold back;

2004 Tencent listed, the Nasdaq may choose to sell a better price, but after careful consideration, chose Hongkong, because he felt that it was closer to the investors, and investors and their users, a better understanding of the Tencent. More money is not important, he would like to "slow development";

Two years ago, WeChat

fire, how to make full use of QQ feed WeChat, independence and characteristics and maintain the QQ, is the "large family" headache, this life dead bone eye, he.

in a similar period of time, countless scenery once

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