The way of professional website profit

      in recent years, with the continuous expansion of the size of this year’s graduates, the problem is difficult to highlight the graduating students. Many online job site came into being, which includes the job seekers.

      fresh job search network is a professional service for graduates of the professional recruitment website. After nearly two years of development, has been ranked first in the campus recruitment website.

      with the continuous expansion of the scale of the site, more and more investment, but the fresh students income is still maintained at the original level. Although sporadic sell some advertising, but can not maintain a longer delivery cycle. The reason, chief Chen Wei said: "although this two years of rapid development, but the site located in the job of college students, your audience is very accurate, but the flow of portal and far, but not the scale effect is the biggest problem we encountered in the advertising sales". Advertising sales costs are also Chen Wei must consider the issue, at present we do not have a dedicated sales team, most of them are directly looking for us. If equipped with advertising sales, I worry that the cost is too large." How to become a profitable site at this stage need to solve the problem.

on the occasion of the helpless, the friend introduced the results of CHANet network advertising alliance to him. The results of CHANet network as an advertising supermarket, Chen Wei can pick their website in the numerous advertisement delivery, fortunately Chen Wei CHANet found that the network has a lot of achievements for their own advertising activities, such as 51JOB, SHJOB, 1010JOB, Joba, Chen Wei chose 51JOB as an attempt to put in advertisement. Unlike ordinary advertising, network advertising CHANet results are not to pay the Commission flow as a reference value, like 51JOB advertising, when users click on the ads in the graduate employment network and registered as a member in 51JOB, you can get a very considerable commission. "This form of accounting is very suitable for me. Because I choose a targeted advertising, one day if there are 1000 people click on the ads, at least 100 people may register, then the daily income can reach several thousand dollars. If you like other ads that click billing, a day not so good results". Obviously, this kind of advertising requires the accuracy of the crowd, rather than traffic to win, especially suitable for such a professional website such as fresh graduates.

In addition to

, the CHANet results will also be the network of advertising costs for students to apply for jobs to zero, because the results of the CHANet network is completely free, 365 days a year to find their own advertising. Zero cost and stable advertising source Chen Wei very satisfied.

now there are more and more professional web site was born, this kind of Web site on the issue of the general content and the scale is not large, they are sought after by users but not the favor of advertisers, website value is seriously underestimated. By CHA>

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