The website is a fun tool for raising the masses are not looking for initial investment


Kickstarter, Indiegogo is a well-known website (Crowdfunding), raising the masses of users to see interesting business ideas, can directly provide a small amount of money to support the promoters of the idea, great American Dream (American Dream) the taste is more rapid raising method of investment gold or angel funding and quite different from the traditional wound. However, the Kickstarter model and not fully applicable to each following startup, reason:

1 can not provide a separate product, it is not suitable to participate in the fund-raising

is most suitable for fund-raising activities organized in Kickstarter products, must be able to produce a final delivery to the hands of the buyer’s physical products, such as raising tens of millions of dollars to record the wisdom of the watch Pebble. If the enterprise is to provide product or service for the masses, fund-raising mode may not be good for you, you must consider not like consumer products can cause the public interest, and then decided to pay for support, it is best to convince them in venture capital is relatively more practical.

2 did not want to clear the way the business operations, it is not suitable to participate in the fund-raising

if you don’t want to know the process of packaging and transport, and the subsequent operation, it is best not to try to put on the Kickstarter platform for complex business process operation is likely to lead to the final failure. The Desktop Jellyfish Tank products, to provide a complete set of equipment at home raising jellyfish, jellyfish breeding can also enjoy the fun, immediately aroused people’s interest, fundraising amount is more than 54 times the preset threshold, on the point of view of financing is one of the most successful innovative ideas, the result is full of negative evaluation, the first is the development of production time the delay in the network, but without any response, but after shipment jellyfish in two weeks after the death, dissatisfied buyers have access to return. No matter what kind of product, please remember: you before in fundraising can be implemented and delivered this product really.

3 your product prototype is not available, it is not suitable to participate in the fund-raising

people will choose to invest in products that have been verified to be feasible, in general, the user is willing to give the final product to change the elastic space, but must be able to be done if the product. IPhone is equipped with a peripheral i+Case is an example of failure, which is full of a sense of design of aluminum magnesium alloy frame, did not expect the result is actually installed after the iPhone did not signal, so that users are quite dissatisfied with the money.

4 can not provide services within the promised time, it is not suitable to participate in the fund-raising


company itself is full of challenges, want on fund-raising website, must fill the final delivery of products on time, if you do not, do not come here. "

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