A non technical person Wangzhuan people real experience

I am a person who does not understand the site’s technology, because the first half of the sick idle at home, often on the Internet, inadvertently entered the circle of owners, has become a rookie webmaster. With a passion, entered the ranks of Wangzhuan who said, do not understand technology, built on the website is not good, not to earn money, I review the growth process of a rookie webmaster.

The first

, I contact Wangzhuan: "peas".

encountered "bean", is the beginning, I experienced the Internet Wangzhuan, occasionally pop up a window, bring me into the world of Wangzhuan "Doug", this is a webmaster Wangzhuan forum, said Wangzhuan material, can have a certain income, thought to want to feel some feasible, but feel there may be a lie, said 80 yuan sell Wangzhuan information, I do not believe, but to see sales records, there are many people who buy this Wangzhuan information, I asked bought Wangzhuan information, the authenticity of this Wangzhuan data.

two, I contacted Second People: "the noise only wangzhuan". This question, asked a "noisy son", the final price of 30 yuan to buy, get Wangzhuan Wangzhuan material, information, according to the data in practice, with pleasure, thought I can earn some money, but the result is not as expected good do, for three weeks, did not earn money, count down, lost electricity, Internet, there are more than 100 yuan.

three, built an unsuccessful website. I have analyzed why he is not successful, thought to want to feel or want to have their own website, the platform can quickly make money, then read the website information, domain name registration, buy space, buy space and no episode, I often buy things in Taobao, Taobao also buy buy, after selection fast, 30 yuan to buy a space, find site procedures, and finally selected the "old Y article management system", in fairness, this management system is suitable for the new site, very good. Start to make a Taobao off site, but not for a long time, space is out of the question, the website cannot open, find sellers in Taobao, Taobao shop was closed, a cruel website all changed, changed to "baby health net", now flow line, every day is more than and 100 IP. Oh, for the old owners, is too little, but for me this rookie, is quite satisfactory.

four, the first time to buy a website. Look at your site, traffic is always not, some lose heart, some worry, I was always on the A5 forum diving, others are doing what, see the website transaction, I think, is not I can buy a website, their own business, I bought myself a website set a standard is: one is now profitable. Two is a certain flow. Three is a good site management. According to this standard, in the A5 website every day to see the sale list, after 10 days of waiting, finally found a post, from the post written, just meet my requirements, we find the selling station contact, after several times of bargaining, (Note: in the process of buying station I would like to thank the "graph king," big brother, I started a little shilly-shally.

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