Angel investment logic behind explain not know vote

as an important way of personal financing, angel investment in China’s development is still in infancy. Whether it is "not without" concept, or angel investment institutions trend, are essentially the definition of angel investment is also a business. For entrepreneurs and angel investors, the successful passage of death valley is the primary goal.


is not every project is not dead, but not every project has Facebook potential, the only thing that can be sure is that the angel, the angel with gold coins.

angel investors not but from entrepreneurs to drop from the clouds, the far side, but also over the "six space" theory boundary. Yes, they may be the entrepreneurial family or a money "fool", may also be entrepreneurial brothers. With the famous angel investor Lei Jun (micro-blog) as saying, do not put angel investment myth, angel investment is to join a friend to support entrepreneurship".

this word is lightweight, but also filled with strong tragic atmosphere. In the first 2012 China angel investor conference, Lei Jun again preached his theory, and a "the core of the theory is the color of Liuhe angel investment".

if you have no doubt about this, there are two possibilities: one is that you have a lack of sense of humor, and the other is that you may be the rich "fool" who has the capital to invest in the field of angel investing in two.

"not familiar with logic behind the vote"

Lanting Pavilion, chairman of the set of potential and CEO Guo (micro-blog) claiming to be an accidental entrepreneur". Prior to the venture, he was the Chief Strategic Officer of Google China, is also a special assistant to President of Google Greater China, Li Kaifu (micro-blog).

one day in 2006, he and Li Kaifu went to Guangzhou on business, in the hotel he gave a phone call to Xu Xiaoping, talk about their own business. According to him, Xu Xiaoping did not fully understand ", but also promised to invest a lot of bargaining," fifty thousand dollars? "Guo Quji rejected a $one hundred thousand must be. Xu Xiaoping said nothing, one hundred thousand one hundred thousand, second days to allow the driver to send the money.

seems to be in Guo Feng, if Xu Xiaoping was hesitant, he may not venture, and continue to do their own executives dream.

But if the

is not set up, because Xu Xiaoping is "real", in his judgment on investment is very emotional, if entrepreneurs can impress him, even if he did not understand, even if not, he dared to hit hundreds of thousands in the past.

to the domain name investment famous arena Cai Wensheng angel investors also have the wind. Early entrepreneurial experience so that he has deep feelings for grassroots entrepreneurs. This is also a considerable extent to shape his investment style, many projects have not yet signed a contract, the money has been >

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