Abandon low quality traffic is an important part of the optimization forum GGAD put case

      find out the forum of high quality flow, maximize the value of these high quality flow, is in addition to choose the appropriate format and advertising position, optimize the forum Google ADsense put the most important point. The following example illustrates this problem:

      TVB Forum (www.t-v-b.cn) is a large integrated traffic forum, the theme of the forum more than and 10. Both vertical focus sections, and the contents of dispersed hodgepodge area. After participating in the Google ADsense program, the webmaster in all the plates are put on the AdSense ad. Because of aesthetic skill, integrated Google ADsense advertising and forum content and layout is very clever, plus a strong flow, income was very high. But as time went on, GG revenue fell all the way. Webmasters are very confused, wrote a letter to help make money online 81QQ research, I hope Google ADsense in the forum to give guidance. The AdSense specialist carries on the analysis to the forum and background data, that the stations are in place in the advertising format, color, position configuration, only misses the most important point, is that there is no different for their different value flow section of the forum theme in-depth analysis. Therefore, we suggest that the station of the forum theme forum were all clear channel tracking, analysis of different theme plate relative to Google ADsense value difference.

      generally speaking, a forum has at least 3 different theme forum, the forum with respect to Google ADsense are very different in volume and value, the poor performance of the theme forum for failing to give advertisers high returns, will lead to the loss of advertisers directly from the forum, and the Forum Google ADsense revenue is getting worse. According to the 81QQ Google ADsense to make money online research on forum experience, we think that Google ADsense in the forum revenue fell sharply due to some of the poor performance of the theme section reduces the overall performance of the forum, which leads to the loss of the advertisement host forum.

      in the forum theme forum all channel tracking a few weeks later, we clearly found for four Google ADsense theme forum advertising revenue is far lower than the other theme plate, 81QQ research suggested that the station to make money online to AdSense advertising from the four theme forum all removed. In the next few weeks, we found that the forum Google ADsense show a larger decline, but the Google ADsense advertising revenue but there is a substantial increase.


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