Golden Wangzhuan using ebook promotion Taobao off date made 100 under

today and we continue to explore the use of e-books to do promotion procedures and channels for Taobao customers, which will be the golden Wangzhuan some key steps out hope to help our friends.

first, Taobao guest specific process of combining e-books

1, choose a good commodity

promotion Taobao customers must first choose a good product, the choice of commodities we try to choose a higher commission larger market, at the same time, you can also combine interest in their own interest, to conduct a comprehensive analysis, try to choose a relative understanding of the industry. Because the choice of goods, but directly linked to the income of our owners, if the conditions allow us to do a small market test, and then gradually increase the intensity of marketing.

2, e-book named

a good name or title is successful 80%, so this name must be sufficient to attract target customers to pay attention to, general knowledge of e-book reading, so we can consider several names such as: "the Raiders", "2010 XXX XXX’s new book" XXX ", you may not know the secret" and so on, can play to their imagination. If you choose to do the slimming products Taobao customers can be named "2010 Top Ten energy-saving" and so on. As long as the name of the professional, attractive, because as long as you dare to dare to look at Oh!

3, e-book content collection

many friends make this kind of books will be on the content of worry, in fact very simple, we only need to find some professionals in the industry of the essence of the article, it is best to sort out can be illustrated, because this article is the most attractive, the user will feel valuable also naturally some more professional for the trust products. But by no means should not be included in the article, the article should pay attention to quality does not require quantity.

4, the article

this step is very important, because our income is mainly from book sales, in the process of finishing the we need to own Taobao customer product links naturally into one, the best effect is the most appropriate in the most appropriate place with the product, so that the user will naturally the point to look at the past, when you see the sales and evaluation is often the most exciting time to buy.

5, making a good e-book

this procedure is relatively simple, because e-books in the network software very much, we can see, our ultimate goal is to organize information into a very fine professional books, let the user see the love.

second, the promotion of electronic books channel

1, contribute to the major download station

e-book is the simplest and most direct way is to make their own good e-books, in the form of submission to the major software

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