YY went to the United States PO weak chain growth under continuous learning Entrepreneurship

yesterday evening 21:40, Li Xueling (micro-blog) issued on Sina’s micro-blog only two letters of the micro-blog: YY". A few minutes earlier, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced the NASDAQ listed company YY prospectus. Li Xueling spent nearly seven and a half years, a residential building in the start-up companies to the U.S. capital market entrance.

weak chain growth

it is difficult to imagine, in 2008 before the official launch of YY voice, in the eyes of Tencent, the development of today’s registered users 400 million, monthly active users of the instant messaging platform 70 million 500 thousand.

timing is important. Many people online voice chat tools very early in the domestic MMO online games, because the game player needs the practical service, many Internet giants including Tencent, also launched a similar service. But due to various reasons, each of the service in 2007 and started to have some dormant.

there are at least two reasons: on the one hand, the game game player voice precipitation degree is very low, with the end of a copy of the game, all game player are a beat two scattered, belonging to the absolute weak chain system; on the other hand, the long time voice tool interface is difficult to appear in the game player in front of value-added services to the commercial prospect is very limited.

bleak prospects in this field, and even Tencent in 2007 around the outage QTALK voice services. In other words, when Li Xueling decided to launch YY voice, the market has been nearly a year of empty window.

such a good friend relationship chain fragile, bleak prospects for the business model, but also let Li Xueling quite dismissive. In 2007 his angel investor Lei Jun (micro-blog), invested in another voice instant messaging company iSpeak. The company initially let Li Xueling think worthless, then showed a rapid development of the state, but it is too late to regret it, Li Xueling.

What about

? Do it yourself. So Lei Jun investment companies, one turned into competitors. The end of the story is that Lei Jun to exit the iSpeak board, iSpeak’s vice president also so chained and thrown into prison.

competition is always cruel, along with the development of the YY voice growing, there are many criticism in the widely circulated. But this does not prevent YY voice laugh now. A person familiar with the science and technology of sina said that compared with competitors, YY voice team and technology architecture is relatively stable, and Li Xueling put this business as the core.

continuous learning entrepreneurial

from the outside world, the above way of fast learning, it is the path of Li Xueling rely on Entrepreneurship – from the very beginning, he copied and learn from the game site 17173. In April 2005, former editor in chief of the NetEase Li Xueling, $1 million angel investment holding to Lei Jun, founder of the network to play more games in Guangzhou.

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