Analysis of the nternet operation mode of foreign telecom operators

With the rapid growth of broadband users and network size, broadband has become the main revenue growth point of fixed line telecom operators, and its strategic position has been fully demonstrated. The popularity of online games, the popularity of online music and video as well as mobile operators data services revenue continues to rise, so that more and more people realize the great potential of the content application market. Is to focus on the network, or to enter the content of the application field, how to choose the appropriate mode of operation, which has become the domestic telecom operators in the broadband era of important decisions, but also a controversial issue.

it mountain of stone, jade. Based on the study of the traditional telecom operators in the Internet, this paper sums up a number of types, and makes a proper analysis of the mode selection of representative operators.

A, Germany and France Telecom

According to the research of Nielsen NetRatings

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