Do personal webmaster 2 years realized how to earn 300

see a lot of good articles recently in the Admin5 station network, extending from the site to now, has been a full 2 years, today is also something of my own experience in 2 years the site to share with you, hope to master the exhibitions.

When I was reading the

2008 fourth, after the Spring Festival to return to school at that time many students have been busy internships contact, I am busy looking for internships, but for a few are not satisfied, then simply do not bother to look for, nothing to do when you chat online, play games once, in a search for the name of the game is to see Admin5 webmasters unintentionally, then know the term "webmaster", see many webmaster through the website a month can earn thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, and my classmates in the unit a month is 1000 dollars, the highest is only 3000 dollars for my heart. So desperately look at some of the site’s technical tutorials.

A5 just launched a new web application training in April, I would not hesitate to sign up, with the teacher learning system A5 hadron site process (here to thank the selfless help of hadrons). The time to ask the teacher what kind of hadron hadron site can make money, the teacher told us: the current profit website: QQ several main types of non mainstream entertainment website two local vertical industry portal three e-commerce websites. I considered and decided to do a QQ space code website because of the 2 types of sites are too strange to me, I don’t know how to operate, and then apply the space and domain name, begin to do a website, can reach 4-5 million IP now website traffic one day, a monthly income of around 10 thousand, the me, I have been very satisfied.

How many

friends may be interested in 2 years to reach 50 thousand IP? SEO of master for 2 years do 50 thousand IP may be an easy job to do for the layman, completely is a step by step to come out, I will SEO some of their accumulated experience for everyone to share, I hope all of you to help.

a domain name

many friends will remember 08 years when the 1 yuan CN domain name is everywhere, but the teacher told us the hadronic COM domain name is king, because the domain name weight com, I spent 60 dollars from the network owners to buy a com, then can buy 60 CN domain name. But from now on, the decision is correct.

two station program selection

remember the teacher recommended several hadrons for us, what information with dedecms film program Marx, novel program with Jackie, shopex shop system, because the teacher hadrons are familiar with the dedecms, I also choose to use Dede, the reason is very simple, I have a problem at any moment to ask him

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