Chu Reds novice seller how to realize the three thousand month rapid build brand

Hello, I am Chu reds, here to share a Taobao shop how to quickly build process unique brand effect.

Taobao shop has become very familiar with the online shopping sites, the traditional concept of shopping to buy food to go to the market to buy clothes to go super clothing market. But through the popularity of the Internet in recent years, online shopping is no longer a trendy behavior. The vast majority of people have the experience of online shopping, and the first choice of online shopping is naturally Taobao. For example, although the Tencent pat ah, Baidu and eBay are well-known online shopping website, Taobao and Alipay as means of payment guarantee transaction resulting in a lot of people are choosing Taobao shopping, the shopkeeper more carefully to do service, guarantee buyers more shopping zero risk. Through Taobao shopping crowd more and more, an ordinary holiday day Taobao transaction turnover can be calculated with 1 billion. I think you see here, if there is no online shopping manager, then you really a little OUT.

said the following today’s business, Taobao is now the rules are very simple, 18 years of age, through the Alipay real name authentication, upload the reality for 10 baby you can open your shop. Yet no implementation of whole network consumer protection activities, of course, the whole network of consumer protection will also be started in January 2011, together with the starting point which is the future of Taobao market with standard. The whole network of consumer protection, more effective constraint on Taobao shop manager behavior, but also to protect the interests of consumers. Let a lot of love loophole Taobao dispensers be taken into account.

said above Taobao’s market environment is a good situation, followed by the basic conditions for opening the store. The following direction about today’s topic, how to implement the project on the novice to do to earn 3000 yuan, and how to quickly create a brand new store. These are more concerned about the issue of Taobao’s new manager, I will take my friend ice butterfly tears do Taobao store some experience to share with you.

first to say, do Taobao shop how to achieve monthly earned 3000 yuan.

The daily income

actually do a lot of Taobao shop on veteran income is better for hundreds of thousands or even higher, but for what I want to say today is a monthly income of 3000 for the vast majority of no investment, no supply purchase new dispensers. The following is my friend to do the project fast filling industry, he chose to do virtual sales between physical sales and virtual sales. This is also the most novice manager Taobao the only way which must be passed by, no logistics sales of virtual goods, no backlog of advantages. The investment can be hundreds of agents and began to do their own Taobao shop. Small investment projects, suitable for most people to choose.

and said to earn 3000 yuan monthly, select the project is critical. Before doing the project how to do some research on the project, some problems such as the core profit profit model, this project is what the realization method and the maximum profit of the people is how to achieve profitability, the market operation of the success of the project profitable turnover is so much such data to grasp what. Ice butterfly tears

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